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Quality Assurance

Because We Care:

Giving you peace of mind. All cartridges are cleaned and tested for perfect
results, with 30-days 100% money back Guarantee.

Cartridge Tips

1. Humans need to exercise in order to maintain good health condition; the same goes for ink cartridges. Thus, exercise your ink cartridges once a week by using your colour and black ink cartridges to print.This will prevent print head from clogging and drying up.

2. Humans without water become dehydrated. Ink cartridges without ink will be overheated. The ink in the cartridge keeps cartridge resistors cool and prevents overheating. (Bubble jet cartridges have electrical resistors that control the current to each cartridge.) When you try to print from an empty ink cartridge, over heating occurs and your ink cartridge can be damaged beyond repair. Therefore, refill your cartridge at the first sign of low ink.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does refilling cause damages to my printer?

A: No, it doesn’t. For years, Save On Cartridge Plus has refilled numerous cartridges and helped our customers save money.

Q: Will the Save On Cartridge Plus ink clog up the print heads of my printer?

A: No, the ink we are using is high quality ink. We don’t use bulk ink to refill every cartridge. Instead, we use specific ink for each brand of cartridges. However, the print heads will get clogged up if the printer is not being used for too long. This also happens with brand new cartridges that have not been refilled before. Please see Cartridge Tips for cartridge maintenance.

Q: I have tried refilling somewhere else before and the ink leaked all over my printer. Does that always happen?

A: No, the skilled technicians at Save On Cartridge Plus ensure that every cartridge we receive meets our quality standards before giving it back to our customers (cartridges are tested for perfect results).

Q: How many pages does a refilled cartridge print?

A: As many as a brand new cartridge, if not more.


A Refilled Brother Ink Cartridge

The Cartridge was refilled for
16 times with savings of $249!!
An amount that allows one to purchase a tablet computer!



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